price list

Rooms are certified by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants in the standards of the EU.
  The entire facility, including the rooms is forbidden to smoke and use an open flame.
  -self-service buffet in the hotel more than 3 people in the lounge area behind the restaurant, up to 3 persons served breakfast in the restaurant - lunch time from 7.30 to 10.00, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8.00

Prices include  VAT, municipal and television fees and can be changed during the year especially for changes in tax rates or in fee.



Double room bed-bound



Double-room twin bed



single room



Single room mini-only one room



Extra bed for dětido 10 years

400,-CZK  + Breakfast


Children up to 6 years in parents' room

free of charge


Accommodation dog after agreement

290,-CZK - 1 male


Parking-on your own, through the closed park oc

free of charge



free of charge


Equipped with wired internet access in the accommodation part

free of charge



free of charge

When you stay longer than three days may be agreed upon contract price discounted.
  During exhibitions Hobby and Bread Basket applies only full price!
  Rooms must be released to 11.00
  Guests are required to comply with the accommodation rules
  If there are any problems, call
• +420 602 732 521
• +420 728 121 542

Warning: staircases, entrances, driveways and parking lots are monitored for security reasons cameras.